Acrylic Benchtops: High-end quality at an affordable price point.

Acrylic Kitchen Benchtops

Solid surface acrylic benchtops are now a hugely popular option – but it’s important you choose the right product if you want your new benchtop to stand the test of time. At Lucino Benchtops, we import our own 30-millimetre thick Lucino benchtops which come in a spectacular range of styles, textures and colour tones. Unlike thinner alternatives, which are built up to offer the appearance of a thick bench, our Lucino benchtops are solid right through – ensuring our customers can trust the product they receive is watertight and built to last.

Offering the high-end appearance of stone, marble or granite, our gorgeous Lucino solid-surface benchtop range is one of our most popular products – providing a more durable and watertight finish and seamless appearance, at a price point comparable with lower quality alternatives like laminate. Lucino is one of the only companies nationwide to import our own solid-surface benchtops, and we utilise the latest technology to achieve seamless glue-lines and a flawless finish. Made from high-quality solid materials, the Lucino range is less susceptible to cracks, more affordable, and easier to repair when necessary.


The Lucino range of solid-surface acrylic benchtops is available in a variety of colours and finishes to complement your kitchen design and interior style, including Glacier, Caesar, Concrete, Pebble, Snowflake, Empora, and White.